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EUWRL Teamanalyse

Erstellt von Peter K. |

Davrell Tien, der bekannteste Unterwasserrugbyreporter der Welt hat die Gegner bei der EUWRL in seinem Artikel genauer unter die Lupe genommen.

Eine ausführliche Analyse aller Teams (auch vom UWRC Wien) ist auf Davrells Facebook Seite öffentlich nachlesbar.

Anbei die Teamanalyse der ersten drei Gegner des UWRC Wiens, des ersten Spieltages in Hameenlinna (Finland).

Betta (erstes Spiel vom UWRC Wien 31.10.2015, 11:30 Uhr):

These guys are always tough and they got a serious game mixed with great power. Assarov, Boyko and Krylov are all impressive. So sad that financial hardship is a hindrance for their participation. If Betta was able to bring their best Russians players, would they be a serious contender. Hopefully one day the league will play a round in Russia. Maybe in St Petersburg. Actually, St Petersburg is closer and cheaper than Molde, so why not?

This season they are again struggling to find enough players of their own. How will the new transfers settle in? They still have a strong core of Russian players, but are very dependent on finding the necessary financial backing to bring their best players. Even without the very best players, the have the capacity to make trouble for any opponent.

Commentary: Betta has financial problems but recruiting players from other countries simply illustrates the principle that club play is international and that the league is not a ersatz national team competition. In addition to holding a round in St Petersburg, perhaps the league could find a pool in Riga,Tallinn or Gdansk? For that matter why not in Hamburg some other Northern German city?


Akkaren (zweites Spiel vom UWRC Wien 31.10.2015, 19:30 Uhr):

Struggled to perform last season and only managed one, single win. The Norwegian club was perhaps troubled by facing new teams with different styles than they are used to in Norway. Polisen struggled with the same challenge in their first season, but have radically improved since then.

Akkaren contributed several players to the Norwegian gold medal team in Cali, so perhaps they can energize their club. Look for former Molde wonder boy Haakon Walderhaug to step it up. Some goalies can be an offensive threat. I expected more from Marius Bunæs last season but he may prove more decisive in the coming season. Defensively the two big guys, Trond Helge and Jermund Hoem are capable of guarding the goal better. If they improve there, Akkaren could be present other teams with serious problems.

Adjusting to the fast tempo of the Euroleague will be a key. I think they have a really strong team, but they just seemed overwhelmed last season and their tactics did not seem to work for them. So I think we will se a different tougher Akkaren this year

Commentary: Oslo, Akkaren’s hometown, automatically draws players from other areas of Norway. There are good young players who probably would jump at the chance to play in the Euroleague. Will Molde or Akkaren convince them to join? Norway is more attached to the idea the local club cultivating its own talent. However, the quickest way for Akkaren to raise itself in the Euroleague would be to add young players from other Norwegian clubs. However, they have not recruited outsiders for the coming season.

Malmø Triton (drittes Spiel vom UWRC Wien 01.11.2015, 11:30 Uhr):

Not the dominating powerhouse in underwater rugby like they used to be – are in the middle of a generation shift and it will be a difficult season for them. They have quality youth players – but the EUWRL is just a whole different level. Still,they are a top-notch team and have players who can decide a game. Strengths:the play from the bottom of the pool and their ability to commit a lot of players in attack.

Bergenholtz is the talisman. But how will they cope with the loss of goalie Mattis Wahlby who moved to Molde? He was a huge presence underwater and they really need a way to replace him

Commentary: Triton is in a special class in the underwater rugby world. The club actively takes part in all areas of underwater rugby: juniors, club, elite,women’s, not to mention the summer camp. No other club in the Nordic region comes close doing as much as Triton. This underlying strength should see the club’s Euroleague team through any generation shift. The rise of Esurf and Polisen in Sweden will help Triton since being the dominant team year after year gets stale.

Weitere Infos zur ersten Runde (Livestream, Fotos,....) folgen noch.